Mission & Objectives

LUX Creative exists to illuminate the human condition through the use of visual media and the arts. We seek to impact areas of social and economic need by partnering with non-profit organizations and artists to tell their stories.

Through consultation and strategic creative services, we help bring awareness to the work of our client organizations by improving their visual marketing strategies and fundraising efforts. Due to limited means or access, many charitable organizations suffer from a tremendous need for professional quality marketing. LUX partners with these groups to provide an immediate impact on their brand identity and financial resources through customized, targeted services.

We also work with independent artists and creatives to produce original content that identifies and addresses areas of social or economic need. We provide necessary financial and marketing direction, along with organizational and creative support to each selected project.


Strategy & Implementation

LUX Creative is a collaboration of artists and storytellers. For our client organizations, we are a valuable resource; not only providing direct consultation and support, but also connecting them with the appropriate creative professionals and agencies to further their vision. In effect, we serve as their communications and marketing team, allowing them to focus their time, energy, and resources on their primary mission.

When applicable, we are able to provide basic creative services directly. For larger scale or more specialized projects, we collaborate and negotiate with our network of creatives on our clients’ behalf. Using this model, we are able to stay flexible and adaptive to the needs of our client organizations, maintain a beneficial working relationship with the creative community, and keep our operational needs at a minimum.

We are committed to creating and supporting art with purpose. Through a deliberate development process, and with the help and consent of our Board of Directors, we produce and distribute original works that focus on social and economic issues, in keeping with our mission.

We work with selected creatives and artists to produce their projects, as well as develop and produce our own documentary content. We have a goal of funding and producing one feature-length documentary film annually. In addition to films, we support and produce relevant photographic work, web content, and other forms of visual media and art. 


Financial & Organizational Plan

LUX Creative is a Tennessee chartered non-profit corporation. Our operational and project-related expenses are supported by a combination of private donations and program fees. We are currently lead by a five-member Board of Directors. Each director brings unique strengths, insights, and relevant expertise; creating a diverse and effective leadership team.

Our staff includes three primary positions: Executive Director, Creative Director, and Development Director. In addition to our staff, we work with a carefully selected network of creative and marketing professionals to provide the highest level of service and support to our clients and mission.


For more information about LUX Creative, or to get involved, contact us.